Perfect Whisky & Food Pairings

A fantastic meal at Ruth’s Chris only deserves the best beverages to go alongside it – and what better beverage to wash your steak down than whiskey? Whether you enjoy your whiskey in cocktails, on the rocks, or neat – these food pairings will have you relishing in the true Ruth’s Chris experience. With us, you have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of the unique beverage from the beginning to the end of your meal.

Step aside wine, because it’s time for whiskey to shine with these outstanding dishes at Ruth’s Chris Steak House!

Whiskeys & Appetizers

Single malt scotch whiskeys, like the Glenkinchie, pair lovely with a wide variety of our appetizers. This whiskey is light, fragrant, and slightly sweet – order the Blue Crab Cakes alongside it. Cutting through the lemon butter and sweet crab, it’s a perfect sipping companion.

How about a light salad? A glass of Johnnie Walker Black with a Lettuce Wedge is a great match. The smokiness and richness of the bacon and bleu cheese complements the smoky and sweet notes in the whiskey.

Tullamore Drew, an Irish Whiskey, goes very well with various meats such as veal. The Veal Osso Buco Ravioli is a tasty choice as the whiskey beautifully cuts through the fat of the meat and white demi-glace.

Whiskeys with Mains

With a seared crust on a steak, there is nothing like an exquisite glass of whiskey. Macallan is a single malt scotch whiskey that is rich and full-bodied. With our seared USDA custom aged prime steak, there is no better sipping partner. To perfectly pair with this whiskey, choose a New York strip, ribeye, filet – any cut of meat your heart desires.

If you decide to include a bleu cheese crust with your steak, order a glass of Talisker, a peaty whiskey that stands up to the strong cheese.

Rye Whiskeys are flexible in a sense that they go with many different meats and fish dishes. If you request for the lamb chops, stuffed chicken breast, or salmon as your entrée, a Templeton will taste nicely with each one. This whiskey has elements of spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger notes that pairs well with these diverse entrees.

Sweet Endings with Whiskey

Never leave out whiskey with dessert – the two are almost best friends. We’ve got three dessert and whiskey pairings for your enjoyment.

  • Chocolate Sin Cake – Lagavulin, peaty whiskey that melds nicely with dark chocolate.
  • Warm Apple Crumb Tart – Glenfiddich “18 Year,” single scotch whiskey. Apple is apparent in both the whiskey and tart, creating a dessert symphony. The cinnamon spice note in the whiskey also goes well with the ice cream.
  • White Chocolate Bread Pudding – a smoky whiskey is ideal on the palate with a very sweet chocolate. Order a Highland Park to go with this popular dessert.

Enjoy Whiskey with Ruth’s Chris Dishes

Kick off the weekend or cruise through the week with a visit to Ruth’s Chris for a casual lunch or dinner! When you step through our doors, head on over to the bar and request your favorite whiskey along with one of our popular menu items for a perfectly delicious duo. Find the location nearest you and see what whiskeys we’re offering up!