Recipe for the Perfect Business Lunch Meeting

If you’re looking to impress a client, co-worker, or business colleague of any kind, Ruth’s Chris offers the perfect setting. With different eating locations that will mirror the type of meeting you’re looking to have, we can help you create a comfortable yet successful lunch meeting.

What you’ll need

Ruth’s Chris Restaurant
The Dining Perfect Setting
Delicious Menu
Exceptional Service
Cocktails (optional)


First, what you’ll need to do is find a Ruth’s Chris Steak House location that is convenient for both you and your business colleague to travel to. Once you have narrowed in on your location, be sure to make a reservation, whether you want to sit on the patio or dining room, it is important to have your table ready when you arrive.

The next step is to decide whether your meeting is going to be a casual affair or more formal. Ruth’s Chris offers different meeting spaces that can mirror the type of meeting you are trying to host. For more formal meetings, our dining rooms exude elegance and class while our patio and bar spaces offer more relaxed, informal settings.

Helpful Tip:
If you’re meeting with a Millennial, startup company, or another more casual business colleague the patio is a great option if your location offers one, or the bar for a more relaxed, comfortable meeting atmosphere.

Once settled, allow the remaining ingredients to do the rest. The outstanding service Ruth’s Chris can really take your lunch meeting to the next level. By keeping our distance and still being attentive, we allow our customers to handle business without getting interrupted and enjoy their meal at an unhurried pace. Remember, there is a reason you’re not having this meeting in your office. Ruth’s Chris provides the perfect relaxed yet professional setting to make everyone feel comfortable and make it easy for people to enjoy themselves.

The tasteful menu is there to add flavor and comfort to your meeting. From mouthwatering appetizers to deliciously sweet treats, the menu at Ruth’s Chris will add the perfect touch. Try the barbeque shrimp that is deliciously juicy with a slight crunch, or the crispy calamari, or the amazing French fried onion rings to start. Once the small talk is out of the way, order any of the amazing lunch entrees and the get cooking.

Helpful Tip:
If you are adding cocktails to the mix, try to make sure they are relatively low in alcohol content and keep it to a two-drink maximum.

Top it all off with a little dessert, a dollop of productive conversation and enjoy!

Host Your Next Business Lunch at Ruth’s Chris

If you’re planning your next business lunch contact your local Ruth’s Chris to make a reservation. Learn more about our locations, menu items, private dining options, and seasonal promotions on our website.