Why Steak and Potatoes Are the Perfect Pairing

Merriam-Webster indicated that “meat-and-potatoes” are “of fundamental importance” — and that’s what we believe at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, too. Sizzling steaks are our passion, and while all our Signature Sides make a great complement to any entrée, nothing hits the spot quite like red meat and potatoes. This combination is so warm and filling, it’s no wonder that steak and potatoes is a comforting meal to people all across the United States. Enjoy dinner at a Ruth’s Chris near you to experience all the ways you can enjoy this quintessentially American meal.

The Complementary Textures and Flavors of Steak and Potatoes

Perhaps it’s the flavors that make steak and potatoes get along so perfectly. Relatively mild potatoes practically serve as a canvas for the savory meat. For example, juice from the steak makes a delicious gravy-like topping for mashed potatoes because its rich umami flavor enhances the potatoes.

Plus, you can’t discount the role of texture in a meal. Creamy mashed potatoes round out a firmer steak—like a ribeye—while a tender filet stands out against a heartier baked potato. Either way, the best meal is achieved when the elements balance each other out, and steak and potatoes accomplish just that.

Popular Steak Cuts at Ruth’s Chris

At Ruth’s Chris, we proudly serve the finest two percent of USDA Prime Midwestern beef on the market. Well-marbled, seasoned to perfection, and served in butter on 500° plates, our sizzling steaks are simply unbeatable. Every steak-lover will find a cut they like on our menu, including these favorites:

  • Filet: 11 ounces (petite: eight ounces) of our most tender beef.
  • Ribeye: 16 ounces of well-marbled beef for the most intense flavor — and irresistibly juicy.
  • New York Strip: 16 ounces, full-bodied, and slightly firmer than a ribeye.
  • Porterhouse for Two: 40 ounces, with the flavor of a strip and the tenderness of a filet.

The Unparalleled Versatility of Potatoes

The joy of potatoes is the number of ways you can prepare them. No matter how you order this side dish, you’ll enjoy nearly the same flavor profile, but every meal will feel unique when you switch up the potatoes.

At Ruth’s Chris, we offer potatoes in the following forms:

  • Baked: Fully-loaded (complete with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and chives)
  • Mashed: With hints of roasted garlic
  • Au Gratin: With a three-cheese sauce
  • Crispy: Try the Julienne Fries (classic cut) or Shoestring Fries (extra crispy)

The Pairing’s Possible Health Advantages

You might think that adding potatoes to steak only benefits your tastebuds, but you’d be wrong! Over the past several years, scientists in the U.S., New Zealand, Scotland, and beyond have debunked the myth that red meat and starch are double trouble. In fact, they’ve shown that eating resistant carbs like potatoes with red meat promotes better digestive health than eating red meat on its own. So, if you’re craving steak, your body will thank you when you add a potato to your Ruth’s Chris meal.

Savor Steak and Potatoes at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

For the best steak and potatoes in the Southeast, visit your local Ruth’s Chris today. Whether you dine with us in person or take your order to-go, we look forward to serving you!