The Art of Champagne & Food Pairings

Champagne is delicious all on its own, but even better when it accompanies a mouthwatering meal. The bubbliness brings a fun, celebratory feel to every occasion. This beverage is a food-friendly sparkling wine that offers versatility when pairing it with a variety of dishes.

Champagne tends to showcase minerality, a characteristic that adds depth to fruity, savory, and meaty flavors along with an unparalleled acidity that cuts through rich, fatty dishes and surmounts even high-acid ingredients. This combination makes it the perfect wine to enjoy with almost every meal. Test your pairing skills at Ruth’s Chris, with endless steak and seafood options, we make it easy to find the perfect dish for your glass of bubbly.

Champagne and Food Pairings

The art of champagne and food pairing doesn’t have to be scary! With Champagne being such a versatile sparkling wine, you really can’t go wrong. Here are some tips on how we make the most of our Champagne and food selections at Ruth’s Chris.

Champagne tends to match exceptionally well with foods that have high levels of fat and salt. So, if you’re in the mood for a steak and a glass of Champagne, that’s a perfect combo. Just make sure to order a cut is typically higher in fat content. Between the carbonation and light taste, a good Champagne will add to the experience of enjoying the pair together without interfering with the food’s flavors.

Whether you’re at Ruth’s Chris eating a delicious appetizer or at home snacking on popcorn, a dry brut champagne, with its acidity and low sugar levels, is the perfect match for drinking with small bites and snacks. A chilled glass of dry brut Champagne would be an excellent match for our Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat appetizer.

The classic pairing to a dry Champagne is seafood. Whether you’re ordering shrimp, raw oysters, or sushi – the drier the Champagne, the better. So, order a glass of our driest Champagne with the Salmon Filet and your taste buds will be thanking you. The Chilled Seafood Tower with Maine lobster, Alaskan King Crab Legs, jumbo shrimp, and Colossal Lump Blue Crab would also be a great match for a dry glass of bubbly.

Pro Tip: While Champagnes are great with pasta or risotto in a cream sauce, most sparkling wines do not pair well with heavy tomato sauces.

Make the Most of Your Champagne with Food Pairings from Ruth’s Chris

Ruth’s Chris is consistently serving up the most delicious entrées that make an excellent pair for Champagne. Try your hand at pairing your favorite glass of Champagne with one our signature selections. To learn more about our locations, menu items, and seasonal promotions or to make a reservation you can visit our website or give us a call.