The Best Wine Pairings for Grilled Summer Steak

When you come into Ruth’s Chris, it’s part of our exceptional service to recommend the perfect wine to accompany your choice of sizzling steak. That’s why the wine and steak experts at Ruth’s Chris have come together to recommend the top wines to pair with steak when eating at home.

Choose a Crisp Chardonnay with Steak

When it comes to pairing wine with steak, many of us reach for the reds. Red wine is the tried and true recommended wine pairing for red meat. However, the flavor of grilled steak, and the warm and muggy temps of the summer season, add a whole new dimension that allows us to think out of the box – or, in this case, bottle.

A Chardonnay is a less conventional recommendation, but it can make one of the best wine pairings for grilled summer steak. The bright freshness of Chardonnay is perfect for summer weather while the fullness of the wine nicely complements the flavors in your favorite grilled steak.

Red Blends That Pair Perfectly with Summer Steak Dishes

Red Blends are a perfect pairing for your grilled summer steak. Blended reds can have a sweet note that feels thirst quenching and welcome in the heat of summer, and yet some can be dry — much like their classic red counterparts.

This versatility allows red blends to complement your grilled summer steak quite well. Many popular and easy to find brands have a red blend that will go wonderfully with your choice of steak served hot off your backyard grill.

Find the Best Red Wine Pairings for Summer Steak on the Grill

Don’t let the summer heat scare you away; reds are still one of the best wine pairings for grilled summer steak. While you may want to forgo the heavier classic red pairings like Cabernet Sauvignon, California Zinfandel and Malbec, there are many “lighter” options better suited for summer that still nicely complement the flavor of your grilled steak.

Some reds that pair best with summer dishes include:

  • Merlot – Light and fruity tasting enough for summer but bold enough to stand up to the rich flavor of your steak.
  • Shiraz – The smokiness of this wine does a great job complementing a grilled steak.
  • Gamay – The light fruity flavor pairs nicely with red meat and is a perfect choice for summer.
  • Grenache – Light tasting yet has a deep flavor that will help bring out the flavors in your grilled summer steak.

 To further adapt your red wine pairings to summer weather, try chilling them slightly! Even during colder months, red wines are frequently served too warm.

Say Okay to Rosé

Crisp Rosé wines are best served chilled, making it the perfect choice for summer. At the same time, many Rosés are also bold enough to blend nicely with the flavors of your grilled steak.

Blushes and sparkling wines also make great pairings for grilled summer steak and can turn a regular barbecue into a festive feast.

Find Your Perfect Summer Steak and Wine Pairing at Ruth’s Chris

If you are in the mood for steak this summer, but the weather outside is too hot to stand by the grill, head to your nearest Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We’ll serve up your favorite ribeye, T-bone or other cut cooked to sizzling perfection — and we’ll also gladly recommend the perfect wine from our extensive wine list for you to pair it with this summer. Make a reservation today.