How Service Makes a Difference When You Dine Out

You always walk into a restaurant expecting a great meal — but dining out involves more than just food; it’s an experience. From the ambiance to the pace of the meal to the way your dishes are plated and delivered to the table, going out to eat can truly be a special event.

Therefore, the type of service you receive can certainly make or break any restaurant meal. Here, we will discuss how service can make a real difference when you dine out, and what it takes to provide exceptional service at a restaurant like Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

The Experience Begins as You Walk Through the Door

When you walk through the door of a restaurant, you are ready for your dining experience to begin, and the host or hostess should be as well. You should expect a courteous greeting and be quickly and efficiently shown to your table. Your welcome into the restaurant will set the tone for the rest of your dining experience.

It’s More Than Taking an Order

At a fine dining restaurant, you have high expectations for your server. He or she needs to do more than just take an order; your server should be your guide through the ordering process and the entire meal.

Your server should always:

  • Know all menus exceptionally well.
  • Take your preferences into consideration when making recommendations.
  • Help you create a meal you are truly excited to have delivered to your table.
  • Be ready to suggest wines and assist with pairings.

Great Service is Flexible

Sometimes, even with the best communication, your dining experience may not go exactly as you had planned. When this happens, you should not be afraid to let your server know, and he or she should help ensure your experience is improved as the meal continues.

Great Service Involves Everyone

When you dine out, you will interact with front of the house staff such as the host or hostess, server and quite possibly even the manager. However, the culinary team, who are preparing your meal, should also provide service that makes a difference.

From ensuring your meal is prepared with care, seasoned correctly, and timed to arrive at your table fresh and at the right temperature to attractively plating your dish, the heart of the house staff certainly has the ability to impact your overall dining experience.

Wrapping It Up Right

Receiving truly legendary service means that your server can anticipate your needs and meet them on your timeline. Sometimes you want your meal to be a leisurely experience. However, when you have other plans, you may need to wrap things up at the restaurant a little more quickly. Always be sure to communicate any time constraints with your server as soon as you are seated. This will allow you to receive great service, and your server will know when things are winding down and can help you wrap up when you are ready.

Expect Legendary Service at Ruth’s Chris

At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, we carry on the values and traditions of our founder, Ruth Fertel, who treated her guests as friends at the original restaurant in New Orleans. We welcome you to join us at your nearest Ruth’s Chris Steak House to experience a remarkable meal served up with the warm, attentive legendary service that has made us famous. Make a reservation online today!