Gluten Free Options at Ruth’s Chris

Whether you suffer from Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or are simply trying to eat healthier, our gluten-free options are guaranteed to keep you satisfied. Because our restaurants are focused on our Sizzling Steaks, you can build your meal around an entree that is already gluten free. Here are a few of our favorite gluten-free options chosen just for you:


Served sizzling on a piping hot plate, each of our signature cuts of Midwestern beef is broiled at 1800° degrees and are ordered individually on our dinner menu. This allows you to customize your dinner experience to fit the whole table without having to worry about substitutions of any sort.

Some of our favorite steaks include the Filet and the Cowboy Ribeye. At 12oz and 22oz respectively, these perfectly broiled cuts will melt in your mouth. Add an entrée complement like lobster tail or shrimp for an even more luxurious gluten-free experience.


When it comes to our vegetable sides we take pride in simplicity. Options like our Fresh Baby Spinach, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and Fire-Roasted Corn are all crafted with the simplest, most delicious ingredients. Our Fresh Baby Spinach is sautéed in butter; the Brussel Sprouts are roasted with bacon and honey-butter; and our Corn is hand-cut from the cob and served with diced jalapenos.


We serve an incredible selection of cakes and tarts including some delicious gluten-free options. Our Fresh Seasonal Berries with Sweet Cream Sauce is the perfect option for our guests looking for something light.

For our guests looking for something more decadent and indulgent, look no farther than our Chocolate sin cake, crème brulee, and ice creams and sorbets – all of which are gluten free!


If there’s something on our menu that catches your eye, but you’re not sure if it’s gluten-free, just ask! Our servers are extremely well-versed on everything that goes into building each of our dishes and sides — they’ll be able to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. If you have a very serious allergy, please note that all of the food is prepared in the same kitchen, which makes cross contamination possible. Always consult with your physician and dine at your own discretion.

Make your reservation today at any of our locations to experience a high-class, gluten-free experience that everyone will enjoy!