How to Choose the Best Steak Knife

A steak makes a meal at home extremely special. You have likely spent a bit more on your steaks than you would usually spend on dinner – and you have taken care to cook them to perfection. After preparing such a nice meal, the last thing you want to see is your friends and family struggling to cut and eat their steak! The chefs and steak experts at Ruth’s Chris Steak House are therefore providing some top tips on how to choose the best steak knives for home use.

Features of a Good Steak Knife

When you are choosing a set of steak knives, there are a few key features that you will want to research to ensure you are choosing the right knives for yourself and your family or dinner guests:

  • Material
  • Look and feel
  • Grind

Why Material Matters

When you are choosing your steak knives, you will need to decide if you want stainless steel or high-carbon blades. High-carbon is not a good choice for knives that you will be using to eat with because blades made of this material need to be cleaned and sharpened immediately after use. So, stainless steel is the best choice here.

Choosing a Look and Feel

You will want to choose a knife set that matches the dining atmosphere you hope to achieve, whether that is a casual steak grill out or an elegant dinner party. You’ll also want to make sure the weight of the knives feels right to you and is well balanced.

Get Down to the Grind

The grind of your steak knives will determine what kind of upkeep you will have to do to keep them sharp. See below for some pros and cons of the three main steak knife grinds.

  • Chisel Grind- This grind requires minimum upkeep because it stays sharper longer than some of the other edges and is easy to re-sharpen. However, the angle does not allow for supersharp cut on your steak.
  • Hollow Grind- A hollow grind provides a middle grade edge and is a good middle of the road choice.
  • Scandinavian Grind- This grind provides the sharpest edge but also requires the most upkeep. This is the choice for you if you are looking to cut through your steak with ease, and the extra upkeep is worth it to you.

Let Ruth’s Chris Steak House Set the Table

Here at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, we know that even if you love cooking and serving steak in your own home, sometimes it is nice to simply sit down to the table and enjoy a perfectly cooked steak meal. Join us soon at the Ruth’s Chris location nearest to you for a perfectly cooked filet, ribeye or porterhouse served to you at a table that is perfectly set…right down to the steak knife.