Quiz: Finding Your Perfect Wine Profile!

The wine world can be overwhelming with all of the many choices and flavors it provides. More than just red or white, there are hundreds of different varieties of wine that vary in sweetness, dryness, richness, acidity, and more. Not sure what wines really fit your palate? Check out the quiz below from the sommeliers at Ruth’s Chris for a more in depth understanding into what your wine profile really is.

1. What is your go-to coffee drink in the mornings?
a. I drink my coffee black. No creams or sugars necessary.
b. I take both sugar and milk in my coffee, but not a ton.
c. The latte is my go-to. I love the creaminess of the milk with the rich espresso.
d. Give me whatever tastes less like coffee and more like a milkshake.

2. What kind of juice do you prefer?
a. Apple Juice
b. Orange Juice
c. Grapefruit Juice

3. What dessert do you tend toward?
a. Vanilla Ice Cream
b. Rich Chocolate Cake
c. Chocolate Mousse
d. Key Lime Pie

Scoring Key

Question 1
The blacker that you take your coffee, the more acidity you enjoy in a wine. If you answered (a) or (b), then you’d probably enjoy an Old World Wine. Old World Wines come from more traditional regions like France, Italy, and Spain and typically taste lighter with higher acidity and fewer fruit flavors. Reach for a Sauvignon Blanc or a Bordeaux.

If you chose either (c) or (d), you would probably enjoy something with a lower acidity like a New World Wine. New World Wines come from places like the United States, South Africa, and Chile and taste riper with a stronger fruit flavor. Try a Merlot or a Malbec.

Question 2
This question helps gauge how much sweetness and tanginess you enjoy in a wine. If you chose (a), you would probably benefit from a sweeter wine. Among white wines, this would include Moscato, Riesling, or a White Zinfandel.

If you went with (c), you’d benefit more from a dry or tart wine. We recommend a Sauvignon Blanc.

Question 3
If you chose (a), you may enjoy a creamier wine. Check out a Chardonnay.
If you went with (b), you enjoy richness. Consider a full-bodied wine with moderate acidity.
If you chose (c), you might prefer a lighter-bodied wine, like Pinot Noir.
If you picked (d), you may enjoy a fruity, high-acid wine like Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc.

Your Wine Profile

Do you feel like you understand more about your wine preferences? Are you a fan of rich, smooth, full-bodied wines like a Merlot and Malbec, or do you lean more towards tart, white wines like Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays?

No matter what your wine preferences, we have a wine to complement your palate as well as delicious pairings at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Come in today for a perfect food and wine pairing.