Transforming Private Dining Spaces for Events

A private dining area is the perfect choice for your next special occasion. Whether you’re holding a rehearsal dinner before the big day, a reception, or a corporate event to celebrate employee achievements, this space can be completely transformed to fit your theme with just a few simple touches.

Thinking about booking a private dining area with Ruth’s Chris? Consider some of the venue transformation options below.

The Room

Depending on where you’re located, we offer a wide selection of event spaces and private dining areas that range from large to intimate. One of our larger areas at our Alpharetta location is great for large parties and receptions.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate space, consider something more like our Charleston location:

Table Setting

The table setting can transform a room completely. If you are planning an event in a large space, consider a large centerpiece with height to fill the room. Booking a smaller room? Keep the centerpieces smaller, but consider using color to fill the space in a different way. Think about lighting, linens, silverware, dinnerware, chargers, and table décor. Two receptions using the same room can look completely different by varying these elements.

For example, the first photo utilizes tall, colorful centerpieces and flower petals to line the table. The second uses shorter, more neutral centerpieces that contrast with the red chairs.

These next two event photos have similar themes, but manage to execute very unique looks. They both feature metallic chargers, white dinnerware, hydrangeas, and candlelight, but the way they use each is different. The first photo creates almost a table runner effect with the flowers and larger candles, while the second photo adds vases to the flowers, breaking them up and giving them a bit of height, and uses more frequent, smaller candles. They both use colored table linens, but in different shades.

No matter what theme you have for your event, each private dining area is completely customizable to suit your needs and to create a unique experience.

Food & Drinks

With Ruth’s Chris Steak House, you’re always going to enjoy top-quality, delicious food and drinks. To really create an incredible event, your food and drinks can be displayed to impress and enhance the theme. From delicately served desserts to indulgent drinks, the food and drinks can really make your event luxurious.


Book Your Private Dining Area For Your Next Event

No matter the theme, we can help you transform one of our many private dining areas for your next event. With a phenomenal staff to serve your guests, beautiful dining spaces, and delicious food, you can’t go wrong with Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Ask about booking your event at one of our many locations.