What’s Your Steak Personality Type?

At Ruth’s Chris, we’ve mastered the art of sizzling steak. We know that all the different options can be a bit daunting, however, which is why we’ve made this guide to help our guests find the perfect signature chop for them.

Browse through our guide to find the description that best matches your personality, and visit the Ruth’s Chris Steak House location nearest you to try your new favorite steak!

The Modern Classic: Filet

You never go out of style—you’re the Filet. This classic cut features 12 ounces of corn-fed Midwestern beef, cooked to tender perfection in our 1800-degree broiler.

The Sophisticate: Petite Filet

You’re subtle and sophisticated—you’re the Petite Filet. This petite version of the Filet features an 8-ounce cut of tender USDA Prime Beef.

The Ragin’ Cajun: Tournedos and Shrimp

You like to spice things up and live loud—you’re the Tournedos and Shrimp. This signature combination includes two 4-ounce filet medallions topped with jumbo shrimp, all dusted with our special blend of Cajun spices.

The Rebellious Type: T-Bone

You’re bad to the bone—the T-Bone. This signature chop is not for the faint of heart, featuring 24 ounces of full-bodied USDA Prime beef.

The Trailblazer: Lamb Chops

You’re not afraid to take the road less traveled—you’re the Lamb Chops. For an alternative to traditional steaks, order the lamb chops, featuring three thick-cut pieces, cooked exactly to your liking and served sizzling.

The Outlaw: Cowboy Ribeye

You play by your own rules—you’re the Cowboy Ribeye. Only the most brazen adventurers choose this signature steak, featuring 22 ounces of bone-in well-marbled USDA Prime.

The Historian: New York Strip

You respect those who have gone before you—you’re the Ribeye. This signature cut, featuring 16 ounces of well-marbled USDA Prime, has been enjoyed by steak-lovers for as long as the great American steakhouse has been around.

The Hopeless Romantic: Porterhouse for Two

You do everything with your other half—you’re the Porterhouse for Two. This 40-ounce cut of Midwestern Prime Beef is perfect for sharing with a special someone.

The Sweet Soul: Pork Chop

You bring a little sweetness to everything—you’re the Pork Chop. This savory center-cut chop is served with warm cinnamon apples.

Experience Ruth’s Chris Sizzling Steak

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