Beer Options at Ruth’s Chris

A high-quality dining experience is what you can expect with Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We provide the finest American cuisine and customer service while striving to make your time with us successful. Our Southeast locations in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee aim to deliver the same level of quality service to every valuable guest.

Alongside our wine and cocktail list, we are proud to support our local breweries and demonstrate this support by offering you craft beer options. It’s not just about the wine and cocktails: at Ruth’s Chris, you can pair your delectable dishes with the perfect hoppy beverage. Wash that USDA Prime custom-aged steak down with a cold craft beer and it’s a match made in heaven.

Meats and Beer at Ruth’s Chris

A good, juicy steak deserves a fizzy and refreshing companion. When in doubt, you can always try any IPA with red meats. The combination of a caramelized crust on beef with a full-bodied beer is a perfect pairing. Try a Sweetwater IPA with your Ribeye, Filet, or New York Strip.

With your Stuffed Chicken Breast, try the Sweetwater Brown Ale. This ale was made to compliment roasted birds as the fat neutralizes the hoppy bitterness.

Seafood and IPA

To compliment your rich seafood or shellfish like a Fresh Lobster, order a Belgian style wheat beer like the Monday Night Brewing “Fu Manbrew Belgian-Style Wit”. The acidity in the beer highlights the lobster’s sweetness with a dry finish to take on the rich clarified butter.

When you order our delicious Chilean Sea Bass, get a Jekyll “Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA” with it. The sweet potato and pineapple hash accompanying the fish is sweet, so it’s a clear choice to have a full-bodied IPA to go with it.

Vegetables with Ales

With the popular and incredibly decadent Lobster Mac & Cheese, a Sweetwater 420 is a solid choice. A refreshing pale ale compliments the three cheeses and cleanses the palate bite after bite of the gooey comfort food. Bonus: a pale ale also goes well with seafood, which is perfect with the lobster.

The vegetable dishes like the Pan-Roasted Cremini Mushrooms go very well with the Dogfish Head “Indian Brown Ale.” This beer brings out the umami flavor of roasted or grilled vegetable choices.

Chocolate Paired with Stouts

Yes, beer can definitely pair with dessert! Try the Apple Tart with the Dogfish or Sweetwater Brown Ale. The hoppy and malty flavor of the ale cuts through the sweet caramel notes from the tart, and it’s magical!

We can’t forget about chocolate. Indulge in the Chocolate Sin Cake with a Guinness Stout. You get chocolate on chocolate with this pairing and the Stout will bring out the espresso in the cake.

Enjoy a Beer Pairing at Ruth’s Chris

Stop by Ruth’s Chris after work or on the weekend and sit back with a cold beer and sizzling steak. You know you cannot resist! Our upscale setting with a prime menu and excellent service make us the top steak house in the country. It’s no wonder our guests keep coming back.

If you want to stop by, we are at any of our Southeast locations. Take a look at the online menus and see what beers are served at the Ruth’s Chris nearest you. We look forward to seeing you!