Steak 101: New York Strip

The next focus of our Steak 101 course is another Ruth’s Chris favorite: the New York Strip.

In our last installment of this blog series we learned that you can find a New York Strip steak on one side of the bone in T-bone and porterhouse steaks and a filet on the other. However, Ruth’s Chris believes the New York Strip shines all on its own, and we feature this tender cut of meat – one of our founder’s favorites – prominently on our menu.

New York Strip Facts

Ever wonder how the New York Strip may have gotten a name that references the Big Apple? Maybe you are curious about how this steak differs from the other prime cuts we serve up at Ruth’s Chris. In this article, we’ll fill you in on all there is to know about this prime cut of meat.

A Steak Named for the City that Never Sleeps

Most of what you hear about New York City does not lead you to think of this bustling city as a place where cattle are raised. So, how then, did the New York Strip get its name?

You may recall Delmonico’s – a renowned Manhattan restaurant – from our look at the ribeye steak earlier in the blog series. It seems that Delmonico’s is also credited with serving a cut of meat from the short loin, which was later named the New York Strip after the city where it reportedly originated.

A Steak by Many Other Names is Still a New York Strip

Although the New York Strip is believed to have originated in New York City, it is a favorite in many regions of the U.S. and abroad, and has accumulated quite a list of names, including:

  • Ambassador Steak
  • Boneless Club Steak
  • Hotel-Style Steak
  • Kansas City Steak
  • New York Steak
  • Top Loin
  • Veiny Steak
  • Club Steak
  • Delmonico Steak

In addition to the names above, this steak is also sometimes called a Shell Steak when the bone is left in, and a porterhouse, sirloin or striploin steak in New Zealand and Australia.

New York Strip on the Menu – Our Founder’s Favorite

If you are looking to enjoy a rich, tender cut of steak that is firmer and less marbled than a ribeye, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the New York Strip – and you’ll find it at Ruth’s Chris.

We serve up the New York Strip as a generous 16-oz. cut as well as the 19-oz bone-in cut, which is founder Ruth Fertel’s favorite steak dish on the menu. Both cuts are broiled to perfection at 1,800 degrees to lock in the incredible flavor of our custom-aged Midwestern beef.

Have New York Strip Your Way at Ruth’s Chris

Bone-in or not, the New York Strip is a flavorful entrée that is sure to please.

Make it a meal by adding one of our fresh salads – like our Lettuce Wedge topped with bacon and blue cheese – or some of our legendary Potatoes Au Gratin with three cheese sauce.

Want to take your steak to the next level? Complement your New York Strip with a lobster tail, blackened shrimp, or bearnaise sauce.

Craving a New York Strip? Reserve Your Table at Ruth’s Chris Today!

If you are left craving a New York Strip after getting the lowdown on this tender, flavorful cut of meat, be sure to reserve your table at Ruth’s Chris. No matter which New York Strip cut you choose, it is sure to satisfy your appetite. Come dine with us today at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House near you.