Cocktails and Steak: Perfect Pairings at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

It’s a commonly known and accepted fact that red wine pairs excellently with fine custom-aged cuts of beef like the ones we serve up at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. While we do have an extensive wine list, however, if you prefer to enjoy a cocktail with your meal, our Spirits and Hand-Crafted Cocktails menu has you covered.

Not sure which specialty mixed drink will meld best with our rich and flavorful New York Strip, Porterhouse for Two, or Ribeye? Want to know the cocktail to pair with a leaner yet tender cut like our Filet? Continue reading to discover the cocktail and steak pairings to elevate your Ruth’s Chris dining experience. 

Try a Classic Steakhouse Cocktail

Red wine typically gets the first mention for sipping along with steak; however, cocktails like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Martini have passed the test of time and earned their place as steakhouse classics.

Choosing the Right Cocktail Classic for Your Preferred Cut

The caramel notes of the whiskey in the Manhattan and Old Fashioned, whether rye or bourbon, are a perfect pairing with rich, more heavily marbled cuts of meat like our Ribeye, Cowboy Ribeye, and Porterhouse for Two.

If you prefer a leaner cut of meat like our Filet or Petite Filet, the crispness of the vodka or gin in a Martini makes it a great accompaniment to your meal.

Ruth’s Chris Classic Cocktails with a Twist

If you like classic cocktails with your steak, you will love our updated and carefully created versions of all these steakhouse classics. Be sure to check out our Create Your Own Old Fashioned, Manhattan Eastside and Dirty Goose Martini on our cocktail menu.

Give in to Agave

Looking to branch out from the classic steakhouse cocktails and try something new? Cocktails infused with the flavor of Reposado or Añejo Agave Tequila can also pair quite nicely with our signature steaks and specialty cuts.

The deep, rich notes of Reposado and Añejo tequilas help bring out the subtle flavors infused in your steak. If you want to try a tequila-based cocktail at Ruth’s Chris, our La Paloma made with El Jimador Reposado Tequila is an excellent option.

Consider the Flavors of Your Meal as a Whole

While the steak itself is the main event of any steak dinner, when you are pairing a cocktail with your meal, you’ll want to consider all the flavors on your plate.

Ruth’s Chris offers several exciting complements to your entrée, such as: Shrimp, Blue Cheese Crust and Hollandaise or Béarnaise sauce. If you can’t resist a tempting side or two, like Lobster Mac & Cheese or Potatoes Au Gratin, you’ll want to make sure you consider the blend of flavors on your plate when you order a cocktail.

The Sidecar, made with our house-made lemon sour, for example, may be a good choice to complement a leaner steak like our Filet as well as the lighter flavor of any seafood accompaniments on your plate.

For a meal with bolder, richer flavors, try a cocktail featuring scotch, like the Wise Old Man or The Rusty Monkey.

Choose Your Personal Perfect Pairing at Ruth’s Chris

The wide breadth of cocktail choices on our Spirits and Hand-Crafted Cocktail menu allows you to choose a cocktail that complements your plate and also suits your personal taste preferences. Be sure to browse our cocktail menu to find your perfect pairing at Ruth’s Chris!