How to Choose and Cook the Best Filet

If you have ever enjoyed the filet or petite filet at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, you know you will be treated to perfection. Broiled at 1,800 degrees, each cut of custom-aged Midwestern beef is cooked sizzling in butter and served on a heated plate for you to enjoy every bite. Our chefs know how to create the perfect filet for your Ruth’s Chris Steak House dining experience – and now they want to help you serve up a special meal at home.

Steak Tips for Preparing Filet at Home

When it comes to choosing your filet, it may be difficult to determine the beef grade that will yield the perfectly tender results you desire. Even if you are confident in selecting your filet, you still may not be sure about the optimal temperature for cooking. If you are not sure how to choose and cook your filet to juicy, tender perfection, Ruth’s Chris Steak House can help. Read on as our experienced chefs share their tips on how to choose and cook the best filet at home.

Understanding Beef Grade

When you choose to eat filet, you know you are selecting a tender slice of beef tenderloin, and if cooked properly, you’re in for a treat. However, you will likely notice the USDA Prime, Choice or Select designations when you go to select your steaks. Understanding the beef grading system can help ensure the steaks you are selecting will cook as desired and meet your expectations when you sit down to the table.

Marbling and How It Impacts Flavor

The marbling in your filet is the amount of fat streaked throughout a cut of meat. When beef is graded, the USDA determines which category of marbling the meat contains. There are three levels of marbling:
  • Moderately Abundant
  • Moderate
  • Slight
More abundant marbling generally means a juicier, more tender steak. However, even though filet is a leaner cut, it has earned an exclusive status for its tenderness.

Cooking Your Filet at the Right Temperature

Now that you’ve selected your filets, all that’s left to do is cook them to your liking and enjoy. However, cooking times and temperatures can vary greatly depending upon which method of preparation is used and the size and shape of your filet. Therefore, the most reliable way to ensure your filet is cooked to your desired doneness is to use a meat thermometer. The thermometer should be inserted through the side of your filet and should not touch any bone or fat. See below for cooking temperatures and guidelines.
  • Rare- 125° F- Very red, cool center
  • Medium Rare- 135° F- Red, warm center
  • Medium- – 145° F- Pink center
  • Medium Well- 150° F- Slightly pink center
  • Well Done- 160° F- Cooked throughout; no pink

Enjoy a Filet the Ruth’s Chris Way

When you want your filet cooked to perfection, come to Ruth’s Chris Steak House. There’s a reason Ruth’s Chris has been around for over five decades! Here at Ruth’s Chris, we set ourselves apart from other steakhouses with our proven method for cooking sizzling steak. Make a reservation and enjoy a perfect Ruth’s Chris filet today.