About Us

The Ruth’s Chris story begins in 1965 New Orleans with one determined woman named Ruth Fertel. Without any prior experience in the restaurant industry—and against the advice of most everyone she knew—Ruth bought a 60-seat restaurant called Chris Steak House.

Ruth believed in the power of hard work and giving back. At the original restaurant location, she famously employed an all-female wait staff of hard-working single mothers, who came to be known as the “Broads on Broad Street.” After Hurricane Betsy came through New Orleans and knocked out the restaurant’s power in 1965, Ruth generously served up all of her perishable food to community members.

After a kitchen fire forced Ruth to change the original restaurant location, she renamed the restaurant, and what we now know as Ruth’s Chris Steak House came into being. Ruth believed in treating her guests like friends, a tradition that has continued in the fifty years since she founded her original steakhouse.

Carrying on the Ruth’s Chris Steak House Legacy

ruth-restaurant-men-diningout-232x162Based on the values of our fearless founder, the team at Ruth’s  Chris continues to strive for excellence in all that we do. We  believe in serving up the traditional steakhouse experience in a  sophisticated setting. By providing the highest possible quality of  customer service and fine dining, it is our hope that our guests  will feel at home in all of our restaurants, no matter where they  join us.

In each and every Ruth’s Chris Steak House across the country, we continue to carry on the legacy of our original New Orleans steakhouse and the spirit of our hard-working founder. We hope that, after visiting one of our award-winning restaurants, each of our guests will walk away not only having had an excellent meal, but also a warm and welcoming experience.

Please Join us at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

If you would like to learn more about our history or make a reservation, please contact us. We look forward to serving you and your guests in the original Ruth’s Chris style at one of our award-winning steakhouses.