How to Grill the Perfect Steak

The season of backyard barbecues is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to brush up on your steak-grilling skills.

While we like to cook our steaks in an 1800-degree broiler, we know that method isn’t exactly practical for everyone. That’s why we’re bringing you five simple tips for making perfectly delicious steak on the grill. Keep reading to find the secret to tender, sizzling steak from the pros at Ruth’s Chris.

Five Steps to Mastering Grilled Steak

Buy Quality

The first step to great cooking is choosing the right ingredients. Befriend with your local butcher, and use them as a resource for selecting the best cuts of meat.

When choosing a piece of steak to grill, look for USDA Prime or Angus beef. A steak with plenty of marbling (the white veins of fat) will have ample flavor and tenderness.

Patience is a Virtue

While it might be tempting to fire up the grill and throw the steak on immediately, it is essential to allow the meat to come to room temperature before cooking. Take steak out of the refrigerator anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour before cooking to allow it to warm up. Meat that has been allowed to come to room temperature will cook much more evenly than a cold piece of meat.

Salt and Pepper: Repeat

There’s no need to spring for fancy seasoning when good old-fashioned kosher salt and cracked pepper work best. The larger grains of kosher salt help create a tasty crust on your steak, and salt also helps meat retain water. Freshly cracked pepper will help to add a crunchy texture and further bring out the flavor of the steak.

Heat Things Up

Ensure that the grill is hot enough before you add your steak. Use the “two-second” method to test the temperature; if you can hold your hand over the grill for two seconds—but no more—your grill is ready.

Let the Steak Do the Work

One of the great beauties of grilling steak is its simplicity. Remember not to poke and prod your steak too much. Once you’ve placed it on the grill, allow it to sit still in order to develop a nice sear.

When you’ve removed your steak from the grill, allow it to sit for five to ten minutes before serving. This will allow the juices to fully reabsorb back into the meat, adding a richer flavor to your steak.

Visit Ruth’s Chris Steak House for Sizzling Steak

For the days when you’d rather not fire up the grill, come and see us at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Our famous sizzling steak is cooked exactly to your liking in our 1800-degree broiler, and served with our signature hospitality.

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