Sizzling Steak 101: A Master Class in Steak Cuts

At Ruth’s Chris, our steaks are in a class all their own. Our signature sizzling chops feature USDA Prime Midwestern beef, which we cook to tender perfection in our 1800-degree broilers.

We are proud to be your go-to steak expert. Want to expand your knowledge of our signature beef cuts? Check out our guide below to ace Sizzling Steak 101: A Master Class.

Guide to Beef Cuts

Guide to Beef Cuts


The Filet is known as the most tender cut of beef. This smooth, lean cut is served both in a 12-ounce and 8-ounce Petite Filet version.


Like the Filet, the T-Bone is a lean, tender cut from the short loin. This prized 24-ounce chop combines two different sections of steak (strip and tenderloin), which are connected by a T-shaped bone.


The Ribeye is a boneless 16-ounce chop that is cut from the center of the ribs. This prime cut is fine-grained with flavorful marbling throughout.

Cowboy Ribeye:

The Cowboy Ribeye is a larger version of the Ribeye steak, coming in at 22 ounces. As one of our most high-end cuts, this signature chop comes bone-in, adding another dimension of texture and flavor.

New York Strip:

Combining a full-bodied flavor with tender marbling, the New York Strip is one of the most popular cuts of beef. This 16-ounce chop is cut from the short loin.

Porterhouse for Two:

Perfect for two (or one hungry steak-lover), the Porterhouse is a 40-ounce steak cut from the short loin. This tender, flavorful cut combines top loin (strip) and tenderloin steaks.

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If you are looking for an upscale steakhouse dining experience that you won’t soon forget, visit Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We look forward to serving you with our signature award-winning hospitality.