Our Favorite White Wine and Seafood Pairings to Enjoy at Ruth’s Chris

During the summer, few meals hit the spot quite like a succulent seafood dinner. The only thing that could make the experience even better is a cool glass of white wine! Luckily, we have both white wine and seafood in spades here at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Now, you may be wondering which selections to pair together. While you really can’t go wrong with any combination, allow us to share our favorite white wine and seafood pairings to enjoy the next time you dine with us at Ruth’s Chris!

Garlic-Crusted Chilean Sea Bass and Pinot Grigio

The old adage of, “White fish, white wine,” certainly holds true with this pairing! Known for its bright acidity, Pinot Grigio intensifies the flavors of the relatively mild sea bass. That said, don’t mistake “mild” to mean “boring.” At Ruth’s Chris, we serve our Chilean sea bass in a panko-garlic crust drizzled with lemon butter, all over a bed of baby spinach. Therefore, you’ll savor a symphony of tastes and textures, complemented perfectly by the refreshing Pinot Grigio.

Broiled Salmon Fillet and Chardonnay

As a meatier fish, salmon can stand up to a fuller-bodied white wine. We broil our salmon with lemon, parsley, and butter—the last of which especially helps it pair well with a buttery Chardonnay. You’ll find plenty of Chardonnay options on our award-winning wine list at Ruth’s Chris, so make sure that you choose one that has been oaked. At the same time, you’ll need at least some acidity to balance out the richness of the salmon!

Barbecued Shrimp and Sauvignon Blanc

Our barbecued shrimp appetizer was so popular that it became an entrée! In this dish, large barbecued shrimp in a sauce of white wine, garlic butter, and spices sit atop mashed potatoes. With such a savory meal, you’ll want a crisp sip to cut through the indulgence. That’s where the Sauvignon Blanc comes in! This wine’s herbaceous, citrus notes will lighten up the meal while still keeping it satisfying.

More White Wine and Seafood Pairings to Enjoy at Ruth’s Chris

In addition to our entrées, we have plenty of seafood appetizers that pair wonderfully with our white wines! Check them out below:

Pair with Riesling: Spicy Shrimp or Calamari

Both of these fried seafood starters bring the heat: the shrimp with a spicy cream sauce and the calamari with an Asian chili sauce. Either way, your tongue will welcome the taste of a sweet Riesling after each bite.

Pair with Prosecco: Shrimp Cocktail or Crab Cakes

Prosecco’s effervescence elevates light party dishes such as our shrimp cocktail or crab cakes. Plus, the sparkling wine’s gentle sweetness, crisp acidity, and overall brightness mellow out any brininess or fishy flavors.

Pair with a White Blend: Chilled Seafood Tower

If your group wants it all and can’t decide, then the chilled seafood tower is the way to go! With lobster, shrimp, crab meat, and market-fresh seafood, you don’t want to narrow your wine down to one varietal. A white blend is versatile enough to pair well with it all.

Visit Ruth’s Chris for White Wine and Seafood This Summer

Is your mouth watering at the thought of these white wine and seafood pairings? If so, make a dinner reservation at your nearest Ruth’s Chris to try the one that sounds best to you. And if you still find yourself thinking that you’d rather indulge in a sizzling steak and your favorite red wine, we always have that available, too. We look forward to serving you this summer!