Honor Our Founder, Ruth Fertel, with a Visit to Ruth’s Chris During Women’s History Month This March

Every year, the U.S. recognizes March as Women’s History Month, so how do you plan to celebrate? We have an idea: Savor a delicious meal at Ruth’s Chris Steak House! Our founder, Ruth Fertel, was a strong woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. After all, she turned a single New Orleans steakhouse into an empire of over 150 restaurants around the globe. What could possibly be a better place for honoring women’s achievements?

This March, make a reservation at your nearest Ruth’s Chris restaurant during Women’s History Month or continue reading to learn more about Ruth Fertel and her success in the restaurant business.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Sizzling Steaks & Succulent Seafood

No other steakhouse has empowered women like Ruth’s Chris. In fact, Ruth prided herself on hiring single mothers! And she even butchered the 30-pound beef loins by hand herself on opening night.

Of course, the best way to honor Ruth’s legacy during Women’s History Month is to savor the flavors of one of these steaks. At Ruth’s Chris, we offer many cuts of USDA Prime beef—that’s the finest two percent on the market. Ruth certainly believed in serving the best of the best! Case in point: All our steaks arrive cooked to order, seasoned to perfection, finished with butter and sizzling on 500° plates.

But if you aren’t in the mood for steak, don’t worry; Ruth made sure that there’s something on our menu for everyone! Perhaps one of our seafood dishes will hit the spot, like our Fresh Maine Lobster or Garlic-Crusted Chilean Sea Bass. Our Stuffed Chicken Breast filled with garlic-herb cheese also has patrons raving.

No matter what you order, make sure to complete your meal with our Signature Sides! In particular, the Creamed Spinach was Ruth’s favorite.

Check out our full menu to see what sounds good for your Women’s History Month dinner!

Raise a Glass to Women with Wine, Beer, and Cocktails

During Women’s History Month, toast to women’s accomplishments throughout history with your favorite beverage in hand. Take a look at our award-winning wine list, which boasts hundreds of labels handpicked from around the world. All our restaurants also have an extensive beer list with selections from local, domestic, and international breweries.

Or maybe you’d prefer to swizzle with a handcrafted cocktail. Luckily, our cocktail menu is filled with a variety of vintage-inspired libations. Try the Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo, Thai Lime Margarita, or Ruth’s Pisco Punch—just to name a few. Cheers to Ruth!

Go All Out for Ruth with Dessert

Ruth Fertel developed a reputation as the “empress of steak,” but she knew a thing or two about desserts, too! When you visit Ruth’s Chris for dinner during Women’s History Month, don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note. For instance, order our Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, Ruth’s take on a New Orleans classic.

Visit Ruth’s Chris for Dinner to Honor Our Female Founder

Now that you know where to eat during Women’s History Month, all you have to do is make your reservation. Visit your local Ruth’s Chris today!