Cool Climate Wines to Enjoy at Ruth’s Chris

Climate plays a major role in determining how a wine will taste. Some grapes grow better in cool climates than others, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir—and we serve them all at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. If you enjoy tart, delicate flavors, then you’ll love the cool climate wines on our award-winning wine list.

Read below to learn more about some of our favorite cool climate wines and stop in today at a Ruth’s Chris near you to enjoy a glass (or bottle) tonight!


Chardonnay may not be the first wine that comes to mind when you think “cool climate,” since this ubiquitous grape can grow almost anywhere, but it exhibits elegant characteristics when grown in milder temperatures.

While warm climate Chardonnays are typically more full-bodied and full of ripe tropical fruit flavors, this wine also boasts bright acidity and notes of citrus, apple, or even stone fruits when grown in cooler regions like Burgundy, Oregon, southern Australia, or Chile. Cool climate Chardonnay is also lighter bodied with a refreshing dose of minerality.

A cool climate Chardonnay serves as a delightful aperitif on its own, but it also stands up to creamy dishes like our Lobster Mac & Cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc

Grown throughout northern France and New Zealand—especially in the famed Marlborough region—Sauvignon Blanc thrives in brisk climates that help preserve its hallmark qualities like high acidity, minerality, and dryness.

Traditionally, Sauvignon Blanc displays subtle fruit notes as well as floral and vegetable flavors. When you take in the aromas of this light-to-medium-bodied wine, you might smell fresh-cut grass or a summer rain, but when you take a sip, expect to taste green apple, passionfruit, or white peach, ending in a crisp finish.

Like many cool climate wines, Sauvignon Blanc pairs very well with seafood, so it would make a fine complement to our Chilled Seafood Tower of Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, jumbo shrimp, and colossal lump crabmeat.

Pinot Noir

Because Pinot Noir ripens early, temperate climates help the grape stay on the vine longer so that it can develop more complex flavors and aromas than it would in the heat. You’ll find Pinot Noir growing in coastal zones around the world such as New Zealand’s Otago region, the hills of California’s Monterey district, and Chile’s Casablanca region.

Pinot Noir is usually fruit-forward, with flavors of cherries, berries, and red currants, but you’ll also notice some earthy notes such as mushroom and soil.

Since Pinot Noir is more light-bodied with silkier tannins than other “bigger” reds, it enjoys versatility as a food wine. You can pair it with virtually anything, from our Salmon Fillet to our Stuffed Chicken Breast—even a lean cut of steak like our Petite Filet.

Sip Cool Climate Wines at Ruth’s Chris Steak House Today

The wine list at every Ruth’s Chris restaurant is a little different, so once you choose your preferred location, you can browse the complete wine list on our website and start planning your next sip.

Whether you visit us for Happy Hour at the bar or a complete meal in our dining room, we hope you’ll give one of our cool climate wines a taste either by the glass or by the bottle. Make a reservation to dine with us for dinner tonight or place a pick-up order online.

Remember, you can still save 25% on all to-go bottles of wine with the purchase of takeout or dine-in food – for a limited time. Stop by today to try a cool climate wine for yourself.