Cheers to Romance: Creative Cocktails to Try on Your Next Date Night

On a classy date night, you need sophisticated cocktails to match the occasion. Luckily, our libations go beyond the basics at Ruth’s Chris Steak House! When you have a romantic night out at one of our restaurants, you’ll see that we offer plenty of creative cocktails for swizzling and swooning. Furthermore, we make all our handcrafted cocktails with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

Continue reading to see which ones strike your fancy. Then visit your local Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant for fun date night cocktails!

Creative Cocktails with Clear Liquors

Whether you prefer vodka or tequila, you’re bound to fall in love with one of the boozy beverages below:

Hibiscus Lemon Drop Martini

You’ve surely heard of the lemon drop martini, but have you ever had it with hibiscus? At Ruth’s Chris, we use Citroen vodka in addition to lemon sour to amp up the citrus flavors, while adding hibiscus syrup for a floral twist and a perfectly pink hue.

Dirty Wheatley Martini

There’s nothing new about a dirty martini, but that doesn’t make it any less good. This vodka based martini features Carpano dry vermouth, olive juice and our signature blue cheese stuffed olives to create a simple yet stunning cocktail worthy of James Bond.

Ruth’s Pisco Punch

Particularly adventurous couples should dare to try our pisco punch during date night. If you’ve unfamiliar with pisco, this distilled spirit is made from South American grapes. Our pisco of choice at Ruth’s Chris features citrus, floral, and pepper notes. Then we balance it out with pineapple juice, lemon sour, and blueberries for the right mix of sweet and spice.

Creative Cocktails: Dark and Handsome

Forget the old fashioned because we’re all about new ideas here at Ruth’s Chris! Order one of the whiskey, rum, or cognac concoctions below to see for yourself:

Blueberry Spiced Mojito

While you probably picture white rum when you think of a mojito, we opted to spice things up. The Ruth’s Chris mojito boasts notes of cinnamon and clove thanks to the original Captain Morgan. Plus, we swapped plain soda water for ginger ale to add even more of a kick. Meanwhile, muddled blueberries bring sweetness to each sip.

Hat Trick

If you and your date are bourbon aficionados, then you’ll appreciate our hat trick cocktail. We combine three of our favorite spirits – sherry, amaro montenegro and bourbon – and finish the drink off with lime and a Filthy amarena cherry for an intoxicating blend of flavors.

Wild Berry Sidecar

Last but certainly not least is the Ruth’s Chris version of a sidecar. Two cognacs combine for a symphony of vanilla, apricot, and orange flavors. Then Then we finish it with our housemade berry syrup and lemon sour for the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Visit Ruth’s Chris for Date Night Cocktails Near You

Are you ready to raise a glass to love? Now that you know which creative cocktails to try on your next date night, all you have to do is make a reservation at your nearest Ruth’s Chris for dinner tonight. Of course, you’re always welcome to simply stop by the bar if you and your partner are just going out for drinks. Either way, we look forward to serving you two. Cheers to romance!