Bone In or Bone Out? Which Ruth’s Chris Cut Is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a steak cut, you should consider several factors, such as bone in or bone out. While both sides of the debate make great points, it all comes down to your personal preference! If you don’t know which cut you prefer, the expert chefs at Ruth’s Chris Steak House can help.

Continue reading to learn which Ruth’s Chris cut is right for you or make a reservation at your nearest Ruth’s Chris for dinner this week.

How Does Bone In or Bone Out Affect the Steak?

Some bone-in enthusiasts argue that the marrow inside a steak bone flavors the meat, but scientists have determined that this is actually not the case, as it would require much hotter temperatures to penetrate the bone.

So, what difference does leaving the bone in truly make? Because bones are so dense, they insulate the meat around them from the heat while cooking. As a result, the meat right next to the bone generally remains 5-10 degrees cooler than the rest of the steak. So if you don’t mind a little variation in your steak temperature, bone-in is a great option. Additionally, bone in chops are known to hold their shape better than their bone-out counterparts. Plus the iconic look of a bone-in steak just has visual appeal!

Bone-Out Steak Cuts at Ruth’s Chris

Our four bone-out cuts at Ruth’s Chris are what tend to come to mind for most people when they think, “steak.” You’ve most likely heard these names before, but let’s get into what makes each one different.


Perhaps the popular steak cut, our Filet gives you 11 ounces of lean tenderloin beef.

Petit Filet

This eight-ounce cut is exactly the same as our tender Filet, just three ounces smaller!


If you’re craving a thick, juicy steak, then you can’t go wrong with a well-marbled ribeye. This 16-ounce cut from the prime rib area delivers peak flavor!

New York Strip

Cut from the short loin, our 16-ounce strip steak is full-bodied and slightly firmer than a ribeye.

Bone-In Steak Cuts at Ruth’s Chris

At Ruth’s Chris, we also serve five delicious steak cuts with the bone in. Learn more about them below to decide which one is right for you:

Bone-In Filet

Twice the size of our Petit Filet, the bone-in version provides even more tenderness.

Cowboy Ribeye

Thick and juicy like our bone-out ribeye, the Cowboy boasts 22 ounces of flavorful, tender beef.


A T-bone contains two types of meat: tenderloin on one side of the bone and a strip steak on the other side. With 24 ounces, you’ll have plenty of each steak to please your palate!


The Porterhouse looks a lot like a T-bone but much larger at 40 ounces. It’s cut from nearly the same area—just slightly closer to the legs—so it has the same tenderloin and strip on either side of the bone.

Tomahawk Ribeye

Unlike our Cowboy Ribeye, the Tomahawk has a “Flintstone” style bone protruding from the meat, which lends the cut its distinctive name. The chunk of meat itself is also larger at 40 ounces and extremely buttery in texture.

Visit Ruth’s Chris to Savor the Steak Cut That’s Right for You

Now that you know which Ruth’s Chris cut is right for you, it’s time to taste one for yourself! Whether you’ve decided you prefer bone-in or bone-out, we’ll serve your USDA Prime steak sizzling in butter on a 500° plate. Reserve a table at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House near you today.