Why Ruth’s Chris is the Perfect Restaurant for Proposing

Do you plan on proposing to your special someone soon? When asking such an important question, you need to have the right venue. Well, look no further than Ruth’s Chris Steak House! With sizzling steaks and seafood, bottles of bubbly and wine, and an intimate, romantic atmosphere, Ruth’s Chris is the perfect restaurant for proposing. Continue reading to learn more or reserve your table at a Ruth’s Chris near you today.

Savor This Special Moment over Steak and Seafood

At Ruth’s Chris, we specialize in two of the most romantic foods imaginable: steak and seafood.

Whether the love of your life prefers a juicy Ribeye or a tender Filet, you’ll wow them with the best of the best as you prepare to ask for their hand in marriage. For added intimacy, you could even share our Porterhouse for Two: 40 ounces of prime beef with the rich flavor of a strip and the tenderness of a filet. But no matter what cuts of meat you choose, your steaks will arrive well-marbled, seasoned to perfection, and sizzling in butter on 500° plates.

Or perhaps you’d rather dine on some succulent seafood while you two discuss your future together. Try our Fresh Whole Maine Lobster, broiled Salmon Fillet or Garlic Crusted Sea Bass, just to name a few of our favorite seafood entrées.

And if you want the best of both worlds, consider adding entrée complements like a Lobster Tail or Shrimp to your steak dish.

Raise a Glass to Getting Engaged

If you want to pop a bottle after popping the question, we have you covered at Ruth’s Chris! All our restaurants have a vast selection of sparkling wines available by the glass or bottle on our award-winning wine list, including Champagne, Prosecco and more.

But don’t worry if bubbles aren’t your thing, as we’ve also created a collection of vintage-inspired cocktails fit for clinking in celebration. In any event, you’ll have everything you need to say cheers to the next chapter in your lives. Ask our staff in advance to serve up your chosen libations right after your beloved says yes!

Celebrate in an Intimate Atmosphere

Without a doubt, the elegant ambiance at Ruth’s Chris Steak House makes it the perfect restaurant for proposing. We’ve designed every Ruth’s Chris location with sophisticated decor, rich wood accents, and mood lighting, so you’ll be wrapped in luxury at your intimate table for two. Who could possibly say no when you propose in such an exquisite setting?

Propose with a Sweet Treat

Surely, you’ve been out to dinner and seen a couple erupt with joy when a ring arrives “hidden” in a dessert. If you want to create that experience, we can make it happen at Ruth’s Chris! Imagine the look on your better half’s face when the engagement ring arrives with our berry-garnished Crème Brûlée, flourless espresso Chocolate Sin Cake, or decadent Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce. The moment will be even sweeter than the dessert itself!

Choose Ruth’s Chris Steak House for Your Proposal

For the most intimate proposal restaurant, you simply can’t beat Ruth’s Chris. When you make your reservation, give our staff the details of how you want your special evening to proceed. We’ll help you pull out all the stops! Cheers to your engagement, and we’ll see you soon at Ruth’s Chris.